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Regulatory follow up

On the basis of french regulations

Contrôle et suivi

Regulatory and functional compliance of your equipment

Pressure equipment is subject to regulatory requirements which impose on operators regular checks. Depending on the device, its use, the controls are not identical.
Our teams from the field of pressure equipment construction are recognized technicians who will assist you with the various legal obligations associated with the operation of this equipment.
Relying on the experience and know-how of the pressure vessels division of the Fayat group and on the expertise of identified partners, we can offer you a service, a comfort from commissioning to management of pressure vessels.

- establishment of a commissioning report,
- conformity of the pressure equipment with respect to the installation,

Periodic inspection,
- periodic control report,
- supply of data dossier (Fayat),

Management and assistance with requalification:
- pre-visit before requalification,
- intervention management with a notified body for requalification,
- return to service of the equipment with replacement of the necessary parts (bladder, grid, seals, etc.).

  • Suivi règlementaire (pdf, 2.01 MB)
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